Almost a year has passed since the disaster liner Airlines Malaysia Airlines. The plane was flying MN17 flight from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur July 17, 2014. Over Ukraine, in the Donetsk region the aircraft suddenly disappeared from radar screens. Communication stopped immediately and the pilots did not have time to broadcast. Later on the wreckage of the liner were found scattered over a large area, where at that time were fighting.

Then began a solid mystery. WORLD PRESS wave of questions: why the plane fell, knocked it or not, to whom it was profitable? Dutch slowly began to collect debris, experts began to put forward a different version, Britain said it will decrypt the testimony of "black boxes" in just a month.

As a result, the year has passed, but the causes of the accident are still unknown. The investigation of the Netherlands issued a very cautious message that "the passenger Boeing 777" Malaysian Airlines' crashed in Donbas July 17, collapsed in the air due to damage caused by hitting the outside of many objects. "

This lack of clarity in the scandal of the European scale creates soundly ground for numerous speculations and conjectures. The death of Malaysian airliner over Ukraine escalated the scale of the human tragedy, and became a political issue in another tangle of relations between Russia, Ukraine and the European Community.

Western countries and Ukraine believe that the plane was shot down separatists Donbass. Russia and Donetsk militia do not doubt the involvement of the Ukrainian army. In addition, it is still unclear how the liner was shot down - whether it was anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk" missile or "air-air", launched with Ukrainian Su-25, which allegedly seen in the area of the tragedy.
Amateur experts around the world are trying, based on scanty information and photos from the Internet to generate their own versions. One of them - a bomb explosion on board the plane in the area of the cockpit. Some believe that the bombs were two. There is a version that the Ukrainian attack "insure" hit the ground complex "Buk" missile and struck Boeing (option - gulp of air guns).
Portal journalistic investigations Bellingcat even bought a satellite imagery of Donbass company Digital Globe, prove yourself to the location and movement Ukrainian SAM "Buk". In this way they unsuccessfully tried to refute the accuracy of the location shots, provided by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Now all interested parties are waiting for the results of the official investigation conducted by the Netherlands. However, the position is somewhat surprising silent relatives who died in the crash, and there should be about a thousand people. A couple of references in the press about the slow investigation and all. They still can not pick up and bury the bodies of their loved ones, and to receive compensation due. This suggests that the relatives "chatted" unless the security services, the Dutch prosecutor. Who could live in peace, knowing that his relative is not just for a year it is in the refrigerator, but is subject to some kind of covert operations?

Long investigation confirms once again that the disaster was a Boeing pre-planned action. Too many political strands stretched to the liner, pull the now afraid that the Dutch investigators. Obviously, the balance of power in Europe is not very favorable to the publication of the results of the investigation.

In fact, if you carefully read the first reports of the death of Malaysian Boeing, we can see that the first investigative action taken militias. They, along with the locals began to dismantle the wreckage at the crash site, photograph them, and collect the bodies, which are rapidly decomposed in the heat. Law enforcement agencies have tried to capture DNR evidence, although it was hard to do in combat.
It is known that the primary information from the place of death of Boeing exist. The militias and local residents willing to share her with Dutch investigators, who arrived later. As far as the Dutch listened to the testimony of this is unknown, but dozens of people have seen probe photographed the wreckage of a downed airliner.

Against this background, it is very interesting information about the sale of the vast array of information related to flight MN17. At the International Exchange of information exhibited lot, which apparently contains the most amount of data about the tragedy gathered in Ukraine and Russia. A solid list of documents, photos and video shows serious intentions of the seller. Maybe a group of people interested in objective investigation.

Russia, which is accused of supporting militias and supplying Donetsk weapons can and should conduct its own investigation. But the accident occurred on the territory of another state. Therefore, while the analysis of causes of death is carried out on the basis of Boeing images from space and testimony. How it will be effective, time will tell. In the meantime, it has to wait for the results of the Dutch and investigators to monitor the situation in Europe. Most likely, it affects the decision Prosecutor of the Netherlands.