The targets that have been set to "Roselectronika" "Rostec" for 2015, according to preliminary data, performed by at least 97-98%. This is a fairly good indicator. Goals are set for 2016 and beyond, they are dramatically different in its intensity and associated with, which included "Roselectronika" formation "Rostec" electronic cluster.
What objectives were set? Sale of assets. So, by 2020, "Russian Electronics" intends to eliminate about 50 companies! It is difficult to imagine that the formation of the cluster will be built by specialized companies of sales.
Kozlov said that the share of e-business cluster "Rostec" accounted for 19% of revenue "Rostec" in 2014, t. E. 250 billion rubles. revenue. It plans to 2025 the increase in total revenues of enterprises from 19% to 35% of the consolidated revenues of the state corporation.
But he did not mention that 70% of orders enterprises "Russian electronics" provides the public sector. In fact, "Roselectronika" receives tenders that are designed specifically for it. But now the crisis. And government agencies may shift to cheaper and more qualitative rather than rostehovskoe.
Achievements "Roselectronika" causing laughter in the scientific community. In December 2015, Sergei Chemezov, Putin showed the "reader" - an e-book. Actually, there are counterparts in almost every Russian.
"We start here with this: this tutorial ... This is our production, purely Russian, our architecture, but the components can be, of course, foreign - mostly, rather, only from Southeast Asia", - he said at the meeting Chemezov.
Experts call the products "Rostec" not only as "amusing electronics." A "manual" can not even go online.
Note that after the meeting with President Chemezov "Roselectronika" adopted another strategy in 2025 to 2035. Those. - Currently mythmaking. Experts do not know what will happen to the Russian economy in six months, and takes Chemezov strategy until 2035. "Roselectronika" plans to enter the innovative areas, such as in Innopolis, Moscow and the Moscow region parks, which have concentrated base of young companies of different maturity levels.

Igor Kozlov, the head of "Russian Electronics"
We note that the major projects of technology parks were also fiction. So, at the end of 2014 Audit Chamber has found serious violations in how regions mastered cost millions on parks. Instead, innovative platforms were "business centers" with the lease. Of course, "Russian Electronics" will go down in these innovative areas.
"We focus on the systemic and complex products with high added value. For example, the microwave equipment for the food industry ", - said Kozlov. Wait a second, microwave - it is simply a microwave! Just great. Can we call it innovation ?!
Then Kozlov distributes verbiage to obfuscate unprepared person:
"Holding is engaged in advanced development. They are connected with the vision area. This is a basic element of night vision devices, sights, optical-electronic systems. We are talking about the electronic matrix with which the quality of the image is taken, how the algorithm is processed. Matrix - the heart of any optoelectronic device. At the level of prototypes, we are now at the level of world leaders ", - said the chairman.
Kozlov carefully selected in truth:
"Active does not have the readiness level, which would allow today to talk about an IPO even in normal circumstances."
If you translate from the bureaucratic to the human - exit "Roselectronika" the IPO will mean failure.
"But we understand the trends, we understand the market, and in this regard we know where we will take the necessary money for the development of investment", - assured Kozlov.
Of course, everyone knows where takes "Rostec" money - the state in debt!
"Today, we almost do not feel any inconveniences due to the fact that against the Russian Federation and" Rostec "sanctioned".
Naturally, not experiencing "Roselectronika" problems. After all, none of its products never buy!

Sergei Chemezov, the head of "Rostec"
Still, we note that "Russian Electronics" together with JSC "Aviation Oil Company" and Turkish Airlines in 2014 signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the creation of the Russian airline reservation system and database storage of passenger data. And I must say that the Turks came out of the proposed joint project, as evidenced by Kozlov. But they went out before the downed aircraft and the Russian-Turkish crisis! "They were financial investors. The system was created and has been tested. Some aspects related to its implementation, tied to the preparation of legal acts by the Ministry of Transport. This work is now, we assume that it will be completed in 2016 ".
Keyword "were." "Roselectronika" can not offer a competitive alternative to not only American, but also Asian companies.
Now "Roselectronika" "develops" an airline reservation system! It should be noted, there is a free service like and dozens of his peers. What does my daughter "Rostec" is unclear. Rather, it is clear: "Roselectronika" appears in this project "as an investor and hardware platform provider for jobs in the system."
The development of the reservation site spent a lot of money. And Kozlov says that he can not "is now called the figures of investments in agreement with the partners, but they are sufficient for the development of this level of complexity of the systems." It turns out, "Roselectronika" hide how much it spends on the service? Probably for the project it is a banal "cut" money.
Undoubtedly, the top manager Kozlov worthy of his "patron" Sergei Chemezov, who instead offers innovation Russians "reader" that can not go online. But the building itself elegant mansions. Note, Russia remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world. It is not surprising, because in the country there are "Rostec" and "Russian Electronics".