Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to liquidate the Russian Federal Drug Control Service. Shortly before that the Spanish authorities have announced in an international arrest warrant deputy director of department Nikolay Aulov. He is suspected of involvement in a criminal organization, organized by "authority" Gennady Petrov. "It is worth noting the actions of people of Aulov, made at the request of Petrov, namely: the detention of several police officers due to their actions against the interests of the human of Petrov environment. Also Nikolay Aulov, using his connections at the local and federal level, supports and promotes the issue of licenses and other permits for personal and business interests of Petrov and his entourage. Nikolai Aulov received money remuneration from Petrov", - stated in the materials of "the Spanish case."

According to the records of wiretaps, for example, September 15, 2007 Aulov twice called Petrov with the report: sent several "trusted guys" to hold "very serious conversation" with the "rogues" and "cops", who want to cause harm to Petrov. November 9, 2007 Khristophorov called Petrov - to recall, that he called his friend and congratulated him with the receipt of a new star (we are talking about improving Aulov in rank - he was awarded the rank of lieutenant-general). March 6, 2008 Petrov in an interview with Leonid Khristophorov said that he is waiting for papers, which Nikolay (Aulov) is preparing, to speak then with the head of the customs, that they have no problems at the port, because now there is a new chief, and adds that there were no problems with another leadership before.

It is worth noting that Aulov, when he was a head of Research Affairs of the Central Federal District, was actively "developed" also by the Russian law enforcement agencies. In connection with the investigation of the activities of multiple channels on the "laundering" of huge sums. The archive of security forces on huge money laundering channels, their leaders and patrons fell into the hands of Today we publish the "closed" inquiry, much of which is devoted to Aulov.




Since 2000, due to conjuncture factors, the economy of Russian Federation has received a new impetus for the global restructuring of its domestic economic and political potential.

So, as a result of sustained growth in oil prices and other raw materials, foreign inflows grew more than tenfold. Russian budget rose to 6.96 trillion rubles by 2007. Money supply has reached 11, 5 trillion rubles at December 2007 and continues to grow (in 2000 - 2 trillion rubles, December 2006 - 8.5).

According to the statistics of Ministry of economic development, macroeconomic indicators each year came closer to the world.

Law enforcement and intelligence services for seven years are reporting about the relentless struggle against economic crimes (tax evasion, money laundering, financing of terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption, etc.)

In this direction the struggle is concentrated a huge number of employees of FSS of Russia, the Russian Interior Ministry, Federal Drug Control Service of Russian Federal Tax Service of Russia, Federal Customs Service of Russia, Federal Financial Monitoring Service, the Central Bank of Russia.

To better deal with various types of economic crimes the state creates more and more division in these structures. Basically, with the sonorous names and global functions. Almost just lazy doesn't write and does not say in their reports about the so-called "by-night" companies and the great efforts of law enforcement agencies, aimed on the identifying and then proving of the individual crimes of an economic nature.

However, no one did not even mention for 7 years - who helps the main types of crime, and what is happening in the Russian financial sector.

After the murder of First Deputy Central Bank of Russia, rabid articles on laundering, "cashing" large sums of money, carried out through a variety of credit institutions, as well as lists of banks, licenses of which are already revoked for money laundering and "cashing out.” appeared in press. At the same time there are practically no real persons, identified by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, involved in these types of crimes for seven years. Basically, the so-called "signers" (a person who for a certain percentage are willing to provide their credit institution to carry out these operations or ready to occupy the post of chairman of the bank) are held to a criminal responsibility.

Thus, in the period from 2004 to the present time for these operations licenses were revoked from more than 110 banks and NGOs. According to official statistics of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance, the amount of funds, laundered and cashed by these banks and NGOs, is more than 1 trillion rubles. However, this figure is greatly underestimated. Thus, only one OCC (organized criminal community) from April 2004 to February 2005 cashed 235 billion rubles, 391 million US dollars and 66 million euro. SEOs use props only of two "target" banks "Rodnik" and "AKA-Bank". 75 billion rubles were withdrawn in the shadow turnover through the NGO "Komust Inkass" for the six months of 2006. This list can be continued.

But the most "carefree life" these OPS received from November 2006 to the present time.

Thus, during this time period were "burned" more than 50 credit organizations. Law enforcement agencies, responsible for the economic security of the country, did not establish and did not prosecute any person.

At meetings, leaders, responsible for this area of economic security, report only with a case of Sokalskiy B. B. (nicknamed "Lenin"), who was arrested on March 27, 2007, Elbakidze D. E. (nicknamed "Juba"), which is declared the federal wanted list in 2006.

However, the new leadership of DEB of Russian Interior Ministry in May 2007 have been taken all the measures for the dismissal of employees, leading the development of the OPS, involved in illegal banking operations, associated with cashing, money laundering, the withdrawal of foreign currency abroad, financing of terrorism and extremism in Russia.

Direct participation in prevention of employees to staffing schedule of DEB of Interior Ministry took the deputy chief of DEB of Russian Interior Ministry, police colonel Horev A. V.

Previously, this employee worked in the authorities of FTPS of Russia and Federal Drug Control Service of Russia. Since 2000, he has strong corrupt ties with the leaders of the largest OCCs, involved in these illegal operations.

So, Horev A. V. repeatedly passes through a number of developments, carried out by DCOCT (department for combating organized crime and terrorism) of the Russian Interior Ministry. According to the available data, he provides the full protection to "Amerkhanov" group (cashing, money laundering, financing of terrorism, etc.). He has a direct bearing to Myazin I. G. group, Sitnikov, Dvoskin E. V. (cashing, money laundering, financing of terrorism).

The last group of its existence "burned" more than 40 credit organizations and is currently continuing their march. These crimes against national state security built on a close relationships with A. V. Horev, as well as the head of the GD of Research Affairs of Russia on the Central Federal District Aulov A. A. (In the criminal environment he has a nickname Nik. Nik.), who, with the controls in the Russian Interior Ministry, skillfully close all the problems of these groups.

So in November 2006, after taking the post of the Chief of the GD, Aulov N. N.  organized a criminal activity through CB "Migros", which was purchased by OCC of Myazin I. G.

To achieve this goal, the staff of the Central Federal District, at the direction of Aulov N. N., brought the material on CB “Migros” and under cover of this material for 20 days, while in the bank, establishes the monitoring of unlawful banking transactions (fee for "roof" 100 thousand US dollars per day). Using the details of the credit institution, the OCC has received a "profit" of about 30 million US Dollars for 20 days.

Substantially on all "burned" banks the profit of OCC ranges from $ 20-37 million US dollars (nobody is prosecuted).

According to the information collected, Aulov personally visited CB "Migros" in carrying out illegal banking operations.

Proximity of Aulov N. N. to these persons is caused to his long acquaintance with the citizen Dvoskin E. V. (Representative of Ivankov K. V. "nicknamed Jap"). They met through Malyshev A. N.

According to FBI data, citizen Dvoskin E. V. on March 21, 1966 immigrated with his mother to the United States from the Soviet Union. They settled under the name Slusker E. V. In the period from 1989 to 2001 he had repeatedly been brought by US law enforcement agencies to criminal liability (robberies, weapons, drugs, false documents, fraud). Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have more than 10 names, which were used by the citizen to carry out their illegal activities.

In 2001, a citizen Slusker E. V. deported from the United States. With the help of his accomplices, he legalized in St. Petersburg. Full legalization of citizen is carried out in June 2002 through the passport office of Internal Affairs Agencies of "Oktyabrsky district", Rostov-on-Don (for false documents he received Dvoskin surname). Immediately he became the founder of OJSC "Pelican", where the 60% of the shares was transferred to him (gambling business). In 2002, he, with the help of Aulov N. N., legalized in Moscow and opens a representative office of OJSC "Pelican". Later he met with I. G. Myazin (Formerly this citizen appeared in a criminal case of theft and also had contacts with the former head of RUOP at St. Petersburg Aulov) and is attached to cashing business (in fact, this group has become one of the sponsors of the promotion of Aulov N. N. to executive positions).

In 2007, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs DCOCT, IC at the Russian Interior Ministry, with the assistance of the FBI and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, obtained conclusive evidence of the involvement of the OCC to the financing of terrorism and data of identification of Dvoskin E. V.

Requests are sent through Rosfinmonitoring channels to Spain, France, Monaco, Germany, the United States and other countries to establish the accounts and property of these persons.

Currently Aulov NN, exceeding their powers, is hiding citizen Slusker E. V. from the investigation and the FBI employers. It is possible that in order to conceal the traces of their illicit activities citizens Horev A. V. and Aulov N. N., and others will go to extreme measures to eliminate unnecessary witnesses who has in possession an information on financing

Up to 13 September 2006 (the murder of Kozlov) Myazin I. G., Dvoskin E. V. were included in the OCC, headed by Elbakidze E. D. (nicknamed "Juba"), Frankel was in the same place as an apprentice. The last meeting of Myazin and Frenkel was recorded January 10, 2007, January 11, 2007 Frenkel was arrested. At present, the analysis of financial transactions of CB "Discount" shows that the money supply was from CB "Belcom", which was controlled by Myazin I. G. group.

At the same time in 2003, a FBI investigation revealed that Slusker "Dvoskin" is involved in financial fraud in the US.

According to this development, Elbakidze DE (“Nicknamed Juba") also can be not desirable witness for Aulov N. N., Horev A.V. and other officials. Previously, he was a financial advisor to US Senator and billionaire Jim Kerry.

At present, we can say that in addition to the financial authorities, based on the criminal flows (financing of terrorism), these individuals and their environment will attempt to capture the highest posts in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

For these purposes, they use as information resources, as well as official authorities, granted to them by the State.

Because of their greed, this group of executive employees, in addition to applying economic and political damage to Russia, is directly involved in the death of law enforcement officials in the North Caucasus. This is a complete concealment of the financing of terrorism and extremism.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation on a scheduled basis held up a set of measures, aimed at protecting and strengthening the financial and credit system of Russian Federation, including to combat to illicit trafficking of cash, used for financing an organized crime, terrorism, extremism, bribing corrupt officials and holding their power in government.

Money supply in the past seven years has grown more than 5 times, which is well ahead of the growth of the real economy; there is a transfer of funds in the informal sector of the economy.

With the growth of the money supply in recent years, criminal organizations stepped up, whose activities consists in providing services, associated with illegal "cashing" money and the withdrawal of currency abroad, to various entities.

According to the obtained operational information and in the investigation of a number of criminal cases, conducted by the IC at the Russian Interior Ministry it is found that there are more than a dozen illegal financial centers under the control of organized crime in Moscow, including international.

So, one of them was led by Elbakidze D. E. (nicknamed "Juba"), a native of Georgia, in 2002, he was the personal adviser to the American billionaire Jim Carrey, is currently included in the federal wanted list. The volume of illegal banking operations of each group is up to 50 million US dollars per day. The average rate on "cashing" is 9%, which exceeds the income from illegal arms and drug trafficking.

As part of a series of criminal cases there are established facts of corruption, terrorist financing and communication management of a number of department heads of the Russian Interior Ministry with these organized criminal societies, involved in "cashing" money laundering, financing of terrorism, the withdrawal of foreign currency abroad.

Investigation and operational units collected materials to prove the direct involvement in these criminal communities of the manager of GU MVD of Russia in the Central Federal District Militia Lieutenant General Aulov N. N., deputy head of the DEB of Russian Interior Ministry police colonel Horev A. V.

In conjunction with the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are revealed the facts of covering of fugitives from US and Russian investigators.

It is established in such a way, that an organized criminal group, headed by I. G. Myazin, actively uses a corrupt relationship with the head of State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Central Federal District Deputy Chief DEB Russian Interior Ministry in its operations.

In the gang of Aulov N. N. and a number of criminal authorities is staged a warden, someone Dvoskin E. V. (nicknamed "Chigrash"), previously appeared in St. Petersburg.

In a joint inspection of setting data with the FBI is revealed, that with his patrons, he legalized illegally in Russia. Several times was involved in the criminal liability by the US government (robberies, weapons, drugs). In 2001, he was deported to the United States, registered under the name of Slusker E. V., March 21, 1966 native of Odessa, the Republic of Ukraine (according to FBI data, was using in their illegal activities more than a dozen of documents on various fictitious names).

In 2003, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced him wanted for financial fraud in the US territory (term of the liability is 25 years imprisonment).

It was found that only in 2007, this organized criminal community with the direct patronage of the above-mentioned persons have carried out the purchase of more than 20 credit institutions on nominees and taken out cash in the amount of more than 3 trillion rubles out of legal circulation, which is comparable to half of Russia's budget for 2007. Deduced amount of cash were mainly in favor of third, including the financing of terrorism.