The scandal with the investigator

Leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation once shook loud corruption scandal. This happened after the public became known the truth about the rather "shady" dealings investigator for particularly important cases of the 1 management department to investigate organized criminal activities of the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Lieutenant Colonel of Justice Oleg Esmanskogo with well-known raider group Zoe "funerals" Galeeva and Artem "Mole".

The fact is that Mr. Esmansky, who is the head of the investigation group on theft in the holding "Energostream", has a long connection with the "Mole" and "funerals" (Galeeva) (archive link)

Journalists write that more December 22, 2013 by unknown persons at that time organized a raid on the warehouse OOO "Russian Jade Company", where it was stored jade SREO "Dylacha". Moscow investigator Esmansky personally went to Buryatia to probably organize stripping and subsequent sale of jade in China.

As it turned out, the fraudsters were able to "snitch" of more than 50 trucks or more than 1 ths. Tons of jade. The role of Mr. Esmanskogo in jade really versed in detail in the Urals forums. In particular, it was he who ordered the police to release the detained Chinese people who were involved in the theft of jade.

The role of the "Mole" and "funerals"

Bloggers reported that this special operation (ie theft of jade) was organized by a group of well-known raider "funerals" (Galeeva) and Artem "mole" (archived link)

Interestingly, earlier partners "Mole" and "funerals" were high-ranking officials of the state corporation "Rostec". In particular, in one of the raids was involved someone Burdin VV, who oversees "Rostec" work with a variety of non-core assets.

Oleg Esmansky, an investigator for particularly important cases (he is suspected of working on the Raiders, "the Mole" and "death notice")

Experts suspect that the top manager "Rostec" "press" in the interest of the assets Galeeva Zoe and her "companion" (ie Artem "Mole").

The attack on the "Izhmash"

Corruption fighter excited information that Galeeva using Burdin was involved in the raider attack on JSC "Concern" Izhmash ", owned by" Russian Technologies "(formerly called" Rostec "- Ed.). It is reported that it attracted Burdin funerals and her colleagues to bankruptcy "Izhmash".

The result of this attack was that the actual assets previously one of the most significant Russian enterprises in the hands of the Raiders, and workers "Izhmash" - on the street. How many millions of rubles (and perhaps dollars) put in his pocket, Mr. Burdin remains a mystery.

Note that earlier the share of "Izhmash" in the production of military automatic weapons in Russia was more than 90 percent. Suddenly, the state corporation "Russian Technologies" commissioned the development of the concept of restructuring of key defense companies raider group Galeeva "funerals" and Artem "Mole".

It took a couple of years and JSC "Concern" Izhmash "was eliminated. enterprise's assets (primarily real estate), interesting raiders were decorated on the company Galeeva and "Mole", and the production of weapons transferred to another company with a similar name "NGO" Izhmash ". Most of the employees were laid off.

At the disposal of bloggers was a copy of the consulting contract signed personally Burdin and Zoe "funerals" Galeeva. In addition, the Internet has been laid fragment schedule bankruptcy "Izhmash", written by hand Zoe "funerals", which includes "UD (criminal case) on the deliberate used-woo (bankruptcy)". This is the standard course of the raider.

Consulting contract signed Galevvoy Burdin and taken from the blog of Martha Valieva link (archive link)

Detail schedule of bankruptcy "Izhmash", written by hand Zoe "funerals", taken from the blog of Martha Valieva link (archive link)

According to experts, only one fact that a citizen Galeeva involved in the attack on the "Izhmash" is enough to make it against a criminal case. But it is for Mrs. Galeeva runs a whole "chain" of raider attacks, the largest of which is to capture the "Energstrima".

The investigator Ponomarev works on Galeev?

Note that with Zoe Galeeva connected not only the investigator for particularly important cases 1 Control department to investigate organized criminal activities of the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry of Justice lieutenant colonel Oleg Esmansky. So, for example, there is a data connection in the media with a "death notice" senior investigator of the Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Ponomarev, who also (as Esmansky) is engaged in business "Energstrima".

Mr. Ponomarev's role in the investigation of attacks on "Energostream" increased dramatically after the former head of the investigation of the same investigator Budilo dismissed, caught by the hand on the corruption and help the main persons involved and the beneficiaries of theft in "Energostream" - the owners of the group of companies "Optima" - Shandalovym .

Alexander Ponomarev, an investigator for particularly important cases (he is suspected of working on the Raiders, "the Mole" and "death notice")

Recall that the scandal "Energostrimom" personally involved Valery Shandalov (now president of the SC "Optima"), his son Andrew Shandalov (chairman of the Civil Code of the Board of Directors "Optima") and "family friend" - Pavel Kiselev (CEO and Vice-President GC "Optima").

The media says that (according to November 2015) in the framework of the criminal case №369647 consequence drafted a resolution on the involvement of Shandalovyh and Kiseleva as defendants, since they are the beneficiaries of the companies who have taken loans from the marketing companies in the amount of 27 billion. Rubles . and did not return the money through the organization of fictitious bankruptcies borrowers.

And all the means and assets of these companies were legalized with the help of the Group Galeevoy- "Mole".

Earlier, ex-director of "Energostrima" Yuri Zhelyabovsky described in detail exactly how Shandalovy under the guise of loans taken out assets of "Energostrima".

It is believed that "The Mole" and Galeeva performed raider seizure "Energostrima" in the interests "Shandalovyh" and investigators Esmansky and Ponomarev are currently working on Zoya "funerals".

Strong friendship

In blogofere it said that the investigator Alexander Ponomarev Artem, and the raider "Mole" learned while working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ponomarev Moscow. At that time, Ponomarev prosecute businessmen in the interests of "the Mole". In fact, the investigator helped Raider "pressing" assets.

This led to the fact that the "mole" has managed to build a small business empire around the bank JSC CB "RosinterBank", the entire business is based on the assets of the business companies that Ponomarev organized criminal proceedings.

It is believed that Ponomarev sends a consequence in the direction in which it is beneficial to send a "mole" and "funerals". The assets, previously included in the exciting company, are moving under the control of the Raiders. So "Energostrima" it was with the asset.

So, for example, JSC CB "RosinterBank" has already entered into the share capital of JSC "Novosbirskenergosbyt", where it owns 21%. The Raiders got the asset after the investigation team arrested the shares of OJSC "Novosibirskenergosbyt".

Thereafter Shandalovy, which "ordered" the attack on the "Energostream", agreed to pay for their services raiders shares of JSC "Novosibirskenergosbyt".

When the arrest of the shares of JSC "Novosibirskenergosbyt" was filmed, the Raiders got their share. Self Shandalovym left controlling stake in the company. Transfer of the "Novosibirskenergosbyt" to creditors on account Shandalovyh debts to the power distribution companies are not going to any Shandalovy or raiders.

Thus, the clan Shandalovyh, Zoya "funerals" and Artem "mole" with "lured security forces" suggest to the former structures "Energostrima" their orders.

The attack on the "Stroiekspert"

Besides Artem and Zoe performed fraudulent schemes in relation to other assets. For example, with respect to LLC "Stroiekspert" criminal group realized criminal intent to prevent debt collection.

To this end, the bankruptcy trustee mine that is completely under the control of the raiders, attracted to the organization of the property trading company "Stroiekspert" company LLC "Legal Center consulting and investment", controlled by a criminal group, Artem and Zoey through the company "Quorum Debt Management". This structure has a "mole."

In order to impede attract a large number of participants to the trading estate of "Stroiekspert" members of the criminal group were determined over a short time to accept applications. In particular, for receiving applications was given 7 days instead of the commonly practiced 3 months.

Sales for Zoe

In addition tenders were organized in such a way that all the property was purchased by accomplices of the criminal group in the controlled persons and companies. The whole property has been divided into 4 lots. The major were 2 lots: №2 and №4. Lot №2 was a property complex of the Bryansk networks estimated cost of 3 billion rubles.

In all this history struck by the fact that the lot №2 price of three billion was sold to a certain Mr. Ilyushchenko just 37 million. Rubles.

But why is this buyer so "lucky enough"? As it turned out, Mr. Ilyushchenko acted in the interests of "funerals" and was completely controlled by Zoe Galeeva.

But Lot №4 represented receivables "Stroiekspert" LLC in the amount of 10.8 bln. Rubles. and it was sold for 13 mln. rub. Ltd. "Professional asset management", which is controlled by the structure Artyom "Mole" - "Quorum Debt Management".

At the same LLC "Professional asset management" and LLC "Quorum Debt Management" are in the same complex of buildings, which account and other companies, subordinated to a criminal group, which controls the "Quorum Debt Management". It is about 13-15 homes in Borisoglebsk lane.

Zoe Galeeva, aka "funerals" (known raider)

According to experts, "Mole" and "death notice" failed to realize the assets bankrotyaschegosya company for the cost of less than 1% of the appraised. It would seem that this "realization" was to attract the attention of the investigating authorities, but Zoe and Artem have "their people" in the Interior Ministry, so that the raiders managed to escape from prosecution.

Capture "Bryanskoblelektro"

Raider artist Zoe "funerals" and Artem "Mole", "distinguished" in the attack on other major assets. Take, for example, the situation with "Bryanskoblelektro" LLC. In this case there is theft of assets of organized "death notice" and "Mole" in order to avoid payments to creditors, generating and grid companies.

Recall that at the moment the company's assets transferred through fictitious leases "Bryanskelektro" LLC. Controlled by a company trusted people Artem "Mole" and Zoe 'funerals. "

At the same LLC "Bryanskoblelektro", control over which just managed to return to creditors, the Raiders decided to bankrupt with the help of the same JSC CB "RosinterBank" saddled with debts of third parties in the amount of about 1 billion. Rub.

In fact, "funerals" and "Mole" use for their scams similar schemes. At the same time the bankruptcy of the attacked companies play an important role in the assignment of assets stolen by raiders.

Fictitious bankruptcy "outline"

Another scandalous story connected with Zoe Galeeva is "razderban" assets of "Outline", which was previously included in the "Energostream".

First raiders was initiated fictitious bankruptcy of "Outline" and then appointed as a loyal "Mole" and "funerals" bankruptcy trustee - someone Guzhenko Y. Guzhenko instructed Mr. tendering the property of LLC "Legal Consulting and Investment Center" (controlled by Artem "Mole" and Zoe "funerals"). The first lot with a property with an estimate of 169.5 million rubles.. It went for 8.4 million. rubles.

It is interesting that after the arrest, the result of cash was withdrawn due to the fact that the property of "Outline" is not actually sold, and actually translated into the company's "Mole" and "Pohronki".

It turns out that in most cases of interest to the Raiders, which led to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ponomarev Moscow, the assets subject to criminal prosecution under the control of Artem "Mole" and Zoe Galeeva and legitimate creditors' left holding the bag. "

In the blogosphere, you can find a table of "black" Raiders of accounting, which clearly shows how the invaders divided between "Energostrima" stolen finance energy sales companies. (The abbreviations in the table: "W" - Shandalovy, "AZ" - Artem "Mole", "MO" - Zoe Galeeva)

The scheme in high resolution, see the link. The scheme is taken from the blog "A marmot against"

The werewolves in epaulets

A separate role in building the "Empire raider" "Mole" and "death notice", as mentioned earlier, security forces are playing. As it turned out, except for the investigator Alexander Ponomarev raiders and help other members of the Interior Ministry.

It Muraveva VN - Captain of justice, a senior investigator at the midrange SU ATC CJSC Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow and Pavlov AE - Lieutenant, inspector SB OMVD Russia's Ostrovsky district of the Pskov region. All these "valiant police" associated with the attack, "funerals" and "Mole" to "Energostrima" assets.

One of the "old-timers" of the investigative group, which is investigating the case "Energostrima" is Muravyov, who had been hired to work even got on a bribe investigator Budilo.

Valery Shandalov, founder of the group "Energostream"

It is interesting that now, Ms. Muraviev is a senior investigator in the North-West district, a place in the investigative group in the case of "Energostrima" have kept her.

Scandal threats

In the case of "Energostrima" investigator Muravyov was a party to the scandal over the threats received by the address of the person involved in the case.

Recall that the employee "Energostrima" Victoria Zinov'eva in November 2012 began to arrive SMS-messages, as well as messages on her page on Facebook, containing threats from criminal prosecution.

The man who wrote these threats, introduced himself as Andrew Demyanenko. He said the employee "Energostrima" that can control the result, and it is necessary to cooperate with him in person. In correspondence he refers to the namesake Victoria Zinov'eva (Muravevu also called Victoria). Andrey Demyanenko - a close friend Artem "Mole", who participated in the raider seizure of the companies' Energostream ", in particular his signature on the fake minutes of LLC" Energostream ".

Ms. Zinoviev in this episode threats wrote a statement to the police, but this statement has got to the to the most Muravyova. events began to develop further, as in "dashing detective." In particular, at the next interrogation Zinov'eva Muravyova in office was "unknown", which Muraveva presented as the very Andrey Demyanenko.

As a result, he began to threaten Muraveva Zinoviev, saying that with the need to work Demyanenko, and do not write on it all the "slander." By the way, the "black accounting Raiders" it is said that in the old days on Muravevu costs at the Raiders were 30 thousand. Rub. per month, and the money is transferred the same Andrey Demyanenko. Zinov'eva statement in which she described the threat has already got into the blogosphere.

Statement by Victoria Zinov'eva threats. The document was taken from the blog "A marmot against"

It is also known that in order to effect an investigator from the Raiders Ostrovsky district of the Pskov region Pavlov AE, which is also used by raiders to prosecute anyone who stands in their way.

The expert community are of the opinion that at the moment, Ms. Pavlova is doing the so-called "dirty work", which was previously entrusted Muravyova. We are talking about for questioning calls, threats, collecting the "right" testimony from witnesses, etc.

Galeeva "passed" Shandalovyh?

It is worth noting that the relationship between Zoe "funerals" and hosts "Optima" Shandalovymi documented.

Anyway, April 24, 2015 Galeeva gave written testimony that since 2012 "works" by holding "Energostream" in the interests Shandalovyh family.

Indications Galeeva about working on Shandalovyh taken from the site «» (archive copy)

It's amazing how after all these confessions Zoe Galeeva remains at large. However, it seems that the "roof" in the Interior Ministry is doing its job.

senior figures of

According to experts, Zoe Galeeva can not make raider attacks on objects of Russia's energy infrastructure without a powerful "lobby" in the Ministry of Energy.

In the media there are reports that Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Yuri Sentyurin associated with raider group "Galeevoy-" Mole "-Shandalovyh".

Yuri Sentyurin, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia

Also Sentyurin in the scandal with the "Energostrimom" lit Konyushenko Peter, who is a personal assistant to the Deputy Energy Minister Vyacheslav Kravchenko, supervising the entire power sector.

"Mainly obnalschikom Energostrima" Earlier media called Mr. Konyushenko. The journalists claimed that he was working on Shandalovyh.