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Galchev Philaret Chairman of board of directors of OAO «Eurocement Group»

He appeared in the center of social explosion

Bogdanchikov Sergey President of OAO NK

He obtained Yukos assets

Skurov Anatoly President of holding

He was said to have no idea of why he bought the company

Gridin Vladimir President of Siberioun Entrepreneur's Union holding

His was caught in contracts with offshore of his son

Chernoy Mikhail Entrepreneur, the founder of the Mikhail Chernoy Fund of...

He pleaded with the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs

Abyzov Mikhail Chairman of Board of Directors of RU-COM group

He was dismissed from the University for poor progress

Strukov Konstantin Co-Owner Of Yuzhuralzoloto

He was accused of incompetent leadership

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Secret Files by Igor Yusufov

Part 1. Why did they kill Andrei Burlakov


Oligarchs Antonovs will purchase football club “Portsmouth” using the money from Russian Railways and Central Bank of Russian Federation

In mid February Russian businessmen, father and son Alexander and Vladimir Antonov, co-owners of Investbank and “Converse Group”, auto manufacturer of Saab, announced their intention to purchase English football club “Portsmouth”.