Kremlev (formerly named Lutfulloev) Umar (formerly Umarali) Nazarovich, born 01.11.1982, a native of the village. Oktyabrsky, Shakhrinavsky district, Tajik SSR. Tajik by nationality.

He graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Public Utilities and Construction.

He worked in the transport company Transstroycom LLC and the Boxing Progress Center.

From 2009 to 2012, he served as president of the Center for Strategic Development and Modernization under the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Then he served as the head of the Patriot promotion company.

In 2017, he was appointed a member of the Executive Committee, and then Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of Russia. He is a co-founder of ANO “Boxing Progress Center” and the Patriot interregional center for sports development.

According to his own statements, Kremlin U.N. He has the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation, the medal “25th Anniversary of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation”, Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation “for many years of conscientious work and active social activities” and the cross of the international order “St. George Glory”.

Married (fictitious).


The next of kin:

Parents of U. N. Kremlev, according to some reports, live in Tajikistan (does not support relations with them), and he, according to media reports, took the name of the woman with whom he entered into a fictitious marriage to conceal his previous criminal record.



Adilov Akhmedkhan Dzhambalovich, born March 16, 1972, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Champions at the Boxing Federation of Russia. According to some reports, through Adilova, the Kremlin maintains contact with Chechen organized crime groups. Adilov himself had two criminal sentences: for kidnapping and extortion, as well as for fraud in an especially large amount. In 2007, his sentence was commuted and released, due to the fact that he was allegedly ill with tuberculosis at the last stage.

Zaldostanov Alexander Sergeevich, born on 19.01.1963, the leader of the Russian biker club “Night Wolves”. In 2013, the Kremlin joined the Night Wolves motorcycle club, where he began organizing boxing matches for club members. Subsequently, he left this organization.

Kaygorodov Mikhail Sergeevich, born on 10.01.1982, entrepreneur, head of the Ural Knight charity foundation. Through the Kaygorodov charitable foundation, the Kremlin arranges boxing competitions in Yekaterinburg. Kaygorodov abuses cocaine and was examined in a psychiatric hospital. He was also tried for stealing a laptop and leather jacket.

Rakhimov Gafur-Arslanbek Akhmedovich, born on July 22, 1951, former head of the International Boxing Federation (AIBA), one of the possible leaders of the East European international criminal group “Brothers' Circle”. The Kremlin actively promoted Rakhimov to the post of head of the international boxing federation. The Kremlin himself, with the direct assistance of Rakhimov, received a post in the AIBA Executive Committee, the post of First Vice President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) and was elected chairman of the AIBA Marketing Commission. However, after Rakhimov’s resignation, the Kremlin began to actively criticize him.

Saitov Oleg Elekpaevich, born May 26, 1976, boxer, deputy of the Sakhalin Regional Duma, member of the executive committee of the Boxing Federation of Russia. Buddy Kremlin. Saitov previously worked in the Ministry of Sports of the Samara Region, where his activity was rated as unsatisfactory.

Khalidov Sumaid Aindievich, born on 08/16/1966, a Chechen businessman, boxing trainer. Earlier, Khalidov was the Kremlin’s deputy in the Boxing Federation of Russia and oversaw the Russian boxing teams among young men and juniors. Associated with Chechen ethnic organized crime groups.



According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Kremlev Umar Nazarovich acts as the founder of the following structures:

1. Transstroykom Limited Liability Company, TIN 1101140856. Primary activity: Automobile freight transport and transportation services.

The Director General was Timofeev Viktor Yurievich.

The size of the authorized capital is 10,000 rubles.

The founders were two individuals:

- Timofeev Viktor Yuryevich, share in the authorized capital - 1,500 rubles;

- Kremlin Umar Nazarovich, share in the authorized capital - 7,000 rubles.

The share in the authorized capital of 1,500 rubles belongs to the company itself.

2. Interregional Fund for the Development of Sports "Patriot", TIN 7840082700. Primary activity: Providing other financial services, except insurance and pension services, not included in other groups.

The president was Popov Alexander Vladimirovich.

The founders were one legal entity and three individuals:

- Fund for the development of boxing and wrestling of St. Petersburg, TIN 7841291819;

- Tsekhmeystruk Ilya Dmitrievich;

- Kremlin Umar Nazarovich;

- Popov Alexander Vladimirovich.

3. Autonomous non-profit organization “Boxing Progress Center”, TIN 7704445376. Primary activity: Other sports activities.

The director was Sergey A. Karev.

The founders were the Kremlin Umar Naza