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“He said that he would “bang” me and make it look like I died from the coronavirus”

How officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation torture


"Leaky" security of the transport artery of the North-West

New chronicles of the "transport gang of St. Petersburg"


"Russian Alain Delon" was killed with a mug

"He was one of the top ten players in Europe"


Operation Clean Pants

How they decided to shove “cotton wool” into court or lessons from the team of the Police Ombudsman to the investigation


"I have obligations to Peter"

How an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation seized Mezhregiongaz


Queen of the migration mafia in uniform

Rolex, diamonds and a murdered pensioner


Will Shagal Usmanov be handed over to Russian mountain women?

“The economic security of Russia and its citizens has suffered enormous damage”


The power mafia swallowed up the Tambov region

Billionaires in uniform


How the prefect of the Central Administrative District Goverdovsky killed the huntsmen

Deadly shooting in the grounds of the capital developer Pavel Te


Octopus of the Investigative Committee

"Received the standard of trust of the Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee."


How Khrushchev "killed" the championship team

“Furtseva came to Nikita, tearfully asked to deal with the “scoundrel”


Bloody Sochi list

Who and for what was killed by the father of the deputy and the associate of the "thief in law No. 1"


In the same bathhouse with the FSB

Chekists "eat" their agents


Armenia, fugitive oligarch, FSB officers, Viagra group

Who followed the deceased Minister Yevgeny Zinichev


"Bitter" achievements of "Rosgeology"

Sergey Gorkov, with the help of bravura reports and PR, is trying to hide billions in losses and high-profile failures of the holding


Why is Chubais' foreign money-box inviolable?

Fonds Rusnano Capital S.A. and lovely neighbors in Italy


"Hand over the mobile everyone who enters here"

How the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to deal with media leaks


"Authority" Sedoy lived on the passport of the murdered victim

How a deal with the investigation made an innocent "sheep" out of a killer


Procession of rats, corpses in the canal, rapes

Side "entertainment" of a corrupt group from St. Petersburg


“In the FSB building, they tortured me with electric shocks and choked me with a bag”

How security officers crack down on applicants for Caucasian "authorities"


“He hired over 26 advisers with a salary of 250 tr.”

How did the departments of "social sexology" and sphragistics appear in RSSU


“Two FSB officers ran up to me and put a gun to my head”

How security officers, on the order of the authority from Chechnya, seized the victim from under state protection


"Mother of his friend" or "Godmother" of the Kuban Themis

“Not interested in information about the export of millions of euros to Austria”


"24 blows with a blunt object to the head"

Alexander Bastrykin is asked to take control of the murder case in the family of the coach of the Russian national team


“They have no idea where they got - there are both sick and lame”

Zek, who became a Wagner attack aircraft, talks about the first days in the war


Nikita Mikhalkov and his real "Golden Eagle"

How sanatoriums for actors became "investment projects"


New Leader of the Opposition

“Under the guise of legal services I conduct subversive activities”


The Governor at the wedding of the son of a policeman in a Bentley

Adygea is entangled in a web of corruption


Chibis was caught by the FSB

He was set up by Assistant for Special Assignments Serdechkin


Defense funds "floated" from Kerch to Morocco

How the family of the head of Roscosmos Borisov "cuts" the money of the state defense order