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The Ministry of State Security of China took care of Russian IVF swindlers

53 embryos stolen from Chinese citizen


Master Yoda from Star Wars in a world of corruption

Octopus brothers Rotenberg


100 years of Neradko

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency is landing


How the mafia of oligarchs close to Putin works

“In case of disagreement of opponents, they threaten to use the Rotenbergs”


How the son of the mayor was smeared off 150 kg of drugs

“Received interest on profits, both in cash and in cocaine”


How the transport budget is stolen in St. Petersburg

Former and current employees of the FSB for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, officials


Opera from thieves in law

“Do you even understand who you demand from?!”


General Boripolk and the cult of sexual perversions

What did the hereditary pedophile like about the Deputy Prosecutor General?


Millionaire from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Stavropol gets rid of the mansion

Living in the house of Sergei Radionov costs 80 million rubles


Corruption hammer of Sergei Mironov

100 million for the chair of the deputy of the State Duma


Mikhail Galustyan as a gift

Prime Minister Mishustin's son-in-law and the portal to billions


Came for infogypsies

How bloggers Sidoropulo and Lytvyn tried to evade responsibility with the help of the FSB


The whole mafia Rotenberg

How the security community of the oligarchs closest to Putin is organized


Secret murder on a missile cruiser during a trip to the Mediterranean?

What happened to the soldier "Marshal Ustinov" 20 km from Crete


The customer of the murder was eliminated by the killers

As a result, he "covers" dosudebschikov from the bloody gang


Southern stops bought for Murmansk

Governor Chibis and head of administration Serdechkin caught in corruption scandal


The head of the Klin takes through the archpriest

Her husband, ex-prosecutor, at the production of the Russian Orthodox Church


Vice-rector who "expresses himself in obscene words"

Of course, because his father is an FSB general


"A threat to the most valuable newspapers of a century ago"

How Alla Manilova's henchman in the National Library put the development of money above the library fund


Who is in the service of the funeral mafia of the Leningrad region?

Service 112 and emergency communication of the Ministry of Emergencies


The evolution of executions in PMC Wagner

“Prigozhin has a video on his phone where the “raider” was skinned alive”


The head of Dagestan and the broken deal in La Bottega Siciliana

How a schemer became a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation


General and the "golden passport" of Cyprus

“Positions himself as a lawyer for the President and Patriarch Kirill”


"New Vasyuki" from the Rotenberg clan

How an influential family "threw" partners and even a charitable foundation


"I am Putin's last hope and support"

Seeing 200 coffins, convicts recruited by the PMC Wagner rushed to run. shot


Kuban United Russia official does not skimp on vacation

He writes down billions on a fictitious ex-wife and children


“Money is credited to the virtual account of the “boss” (Chubais)”

Money laundering through sham deals for the former head of RUSNANO


The official, who sat down for corruption, was again allowed to the budget

With bribes, he bought up a relict forest near the "Putin's dacha"


How a witness was made from a bloody killer

In the "Don't wake" gang, the investigation has favorites


FSB "flooded" the Ministry of Emergency Situations

How the Chekists "smeared" the corrupt general and imprisoned the whistleblower