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Verdict for Blavatnik and Vekselberg

"Shoigu's Purse" Vyacheslav Aminov nearby


Putin's "partner" in hockey turned out to be a swindler

Three-time World Cheating Champion


In St. Petersburg - sawing

How the FSB and swindlers divide the restoration market of St. Petersburg


Unicorns didn't cover Ensign's gang

Heroes of gangster Petersburg are dissatisfied with "Deputy Klaus"


The criminal environment of General Armageddon

What do the representatives of Surovikin do in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the Central African Republic


US sanctions reached Capital Group

Vladislav Doronin "clipped wings" together with Suleiman Kerimov


New scam President Fashion-TV

With the support of an ex-employee of the M Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation


“When I broke up with the boss, a real hunt began for him”

How a senator's aide was killed to cover up orgies


Chubais: "I don't want to pay taxes"

Ex-head of RUSNANO laundered money through Ruben Vardanyan


"Gray eminence and lieutenant colonel of the FSB under the skating rink of the investigation"

He is required to testify about the involvement of Alexander Shestun in the murder


How Governor Vorobyov and Ingrad exchanged history for an "anthill"

Holy land goes under development in Mytishchi


Why does Denis Manturov need a crypt for 14 people?

Officials are building a giant temple complex with its own tomb


"Billionaire Akhmedov is above the law"

The hero of the scandalous record against the inhabitants of the Moscow region


“Founded with a scalded face in boiling water”

How witnesses to the massacre of General Rokhlin were killed


How the TFR scammed the top managers of Transneft who stole 500 million

Trained lawyers were waiting for the opers who arrived for a sudden search


Moscow City Hall prefers Korea, Sweden and Israel

What are the citizenships of the owners of the main developer Sergei Sobyanin


The helplessness of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Dagestan

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to dismiss, the mayor of Izberbash canceled such a decision


"Laboratory of the Russian Federation for the Study of the Ideas of Xi Jinping"

Africanist-linguist-swindler at the head of the Institute of China and Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences


“They testified against the major general, but they were hushed up”

An inspector sat behind the generals of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow


How the head of the LSR bought security officials, deputies, the head of the Federation Council

“When Molchanov needs to resolve the issue with Matvienko, he puts her on his plane and decides everything along the way”


March of Prigogine as a chemical reagent

“Up to 40% of the security forces did not comply with the order to urgently report to the places of service”


“I handed over 15 million rubles under duress to the FSB”

How the oligarch Molchanov bought up the St. Petersburg Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB


TFR and GP do not want to expose their friend in the murders

"Witness Sadovsky" refused to be recognized as a killer


How to make an OPS out of 26 women with a salary of 12 thousand rubles

"Kings from Moscow City Court who do justice according to their whims"


Police chief shot in the stomach

TFR decided to "smear" the perpetrators


Government manager Suzanne with a "bunny vibrator"

The participant of the largest gay party of officials turned out to be the master of "cutting" from Dom.RF


Servants of Themis are waiting for someone to slam the "fly swatter" of the investigation

The chief hepatologist caused a corruption scandal among the judges


Kremlin oligarch terrorizes deceived miners by special services

Methods of Alisher Usmanov in the Russian Federation: "Persuasion, blackmail, intimidation and threats"


"He is under the protection of Arkady Rotenberg"

How villagers are forced out so that an oligarch close to Putin can hunt in peace