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How the adviser to John Kerry's "laundered" 4 trillion rubles in Russian Federation.

"Having connections in the Central Bank, the Finance Ministry and the Interior Ministry"


Arkady Sarkisyan is led to imprisonment.

Man of Oleg Deripaska fled from Russia after the initiation of the case on the embezzlement in the construction of the runway strip at Sheremetyevo.


Were laundering on $ 1 billion a year

Special services cover the main channels of the legalization of funds, stolen from the budget


Evgenii Murov

Traces of the "Ministry of Culture case" lead to the Head of the FPS Evgenii Murov.


Stanislav Buyansky, ex-deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region

The prosecutor of the Medvedev cottage "jumped" to the government university.


Rumafia.com publishes materials of the case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Part 4.

"Disappeared in the UAE on forged documents."


Rumafia.com publishes case on Nemtsov's murder. Part 2.

On the anniversary of the death of Boris Nemtsov Rumafia.com publishes investigation politician murders. In this article, we present interrogation records of the battalion "North" fighter Zaur Dadaev, who is accused by the crime. According to some sources, acquainted with these indications Dadaev, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov has called him a "hero" and "patriot".


Gregory Rodchenkov, the former head of anti-doping center

The organizer of the largest network of doping sales fled to the curators in the USA.


Andrey Ivanov, the head of the Odintsovo district.

A relative of Garik Makhachkala headed Rublevka.


Nikolai Atmonev, Attorney General Adviser

Fifteen years in the service of mafia.


Vladimir Oreshnikov, lawyer, presenter of the program "The court is processing".

TV star changed his name and became "reshalshikom"(solver).


Norwegian testifies against Igor Yusufov.

Internet resource Rumafia.com continues publishing materials of criminal case on activities of Aslan Gagiev group, which accounts dozens of murders.


Stigma is where to put the

As head of the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Markin Russia develops gold


Five tons of gold state treasury "dissolved" in the "process technology"

As the "authoritative" businessman Gennady Bogomolov and Finance Ministry official Andrei Glinov blamed Russian stocks


Konstantin Shor, the former head of MGTU of the Bank of Russia

Rumafia.com continues to publish "secret" material from the archives of the Interior Ministry, dedicated to the largest shadow bankers and their patrons. From this reference, readers can learn how a group of financiers caused damage to the state accounted 4 trillion rubles, as well as who of the representatives of the Bank of Russia and the security services, according to investigators, covered the creators of this giant financial "funnel".


"Budarinskye" replaced “Kuschevskie”

The owner of «Kuban Credit» bank Victor Budarin is training law enforcers and judges of the Krasnodar Territory


Paul Verteletsky, shady banker number 2.

Rumafia.com continues to publish secret materials of the Interior Ministry about the largest shadow financiers. This publication will present a note on how Verteletsky Paul, better known as Pasha Helicopter got out of the difficult situation. His career he started as an accountant of Izmailovo OCG. In this post Pasha Helicopter mastered the skill to work with "dirty" money. And he mastered it so successfully that he started to serve a number of different financial shadow flows. Under his tacit control at various times were nearly a dozen banks, including "Far North." This reference helps to explain how the security forces put under their control activities of Verteletskiy.


Igor Yusufov, a former energy minister

“General SVR introduced me to Burlakov"


Maxim Lalakin, son of the leader of Podolsk OPG Luchkok

How Podolsk OCG killed oligarch Mineev


Eugene Dwoskin, shady banker number 1

Bird, Red, Pasha helicopter, Yevgeny Giner, Alexander Babakov and everything about the world of Russian "cashing"


Kudeneev Sergei, an ex-prosecutor of Moscow

"Before the deal it is a bribe, after the deal it is gratitude"


Housing problem let down Chief inspector of Moscow

The chair of Chief of the Central Investigation Department of Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Natalia Agafyeva started to shake. Troubles came to her from the past. when Agafyeva led the investigation of the State Interior Ministry of the Central Federal District. The operatives of the FSB has information that the chief investigator of the capital could be involved in the theft of dozens of apartments from the state.


Sergey Chemezov and Eugene Shkolov

Fall of Kremlin gray cardinals


Hard times for son-in-low of Shoigu

For the second month the "person number 1" for discussion in the lobby of the General Prosecutor's Office is Alexei Zakharov. It is not because he is son-in-law of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This theme in the GP”was sucked" long time ago. Alexei Zakharov fust failed in having side sexual affairs and his marriage, and accordingly, the future career were under threat.


Oder bearer Don Luchok

The "Authority" Sergei Lalakin, nicknamed Luchok - the leader of one of the bloodiest ("Podolsk") criminal groups, which is responsible for taking hundreds of lives - in recent years has received the same amount of the highest state awards, as chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and head of the Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Apparently, in the presidential administration the lists of recipients was approved without studying their biographies and ordering "data" of applicants in the databases of law enforcement bodies. Rumafia.com officials decided to do this work and will provide the extracts of the files from the Interior Ministry about Sergei Lalakin. And at the same time, will tell about his new actions - raider property seizure, worth hundreds of millions of dollars and accompanied by loud murders.


Raider Oganesyan's Fall Part 2.

In the narrow circle of the developing companies Oganesyan is known as quite successful raider. His main goal in St. Petersburg had become key infrastructure enterprises.


Raider Oganesyan's failure Part 1.

Former Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Marat Oganesyan together with the Moscow criminals planned to capture the key enterprises in the city.


As head of the FSB did not become the president of Russian Railways.

This summer, the Russian security forces anticipated possible resignation of the Director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov. According to Rumafia.com, oddly enough, he was actively predicted to take the place of the head of "Russian Railways". It was vacant after the sudden resignation of Vladimir Yakunin, who burst into tears after getting the news of his dismissal. As a result, after Bortnikov, some other counterintelligence staff intended to move to various state corporations. However, in the course of tricky staff games, a protege of Rotenberg's brothers Oleg Belozerov became the new chief railwayman.


Information about the Malaysian Boeing to buy?

Almost a year has passed since the disaster liner Airlines Malaysia Airlines. The plane was flying MN17 flight from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur July 17, 2014. Over Ukraine, in the Donetsk region the aircraft suddenly disappeared from radar screens. Communication stopped immediately and the pilots did not have time to broadcast. Later on the wreckage of the liner were found scattered over a large area, where at that time were fighting.