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Pyramid-AVA Group: how to scam tens of thousands of citizens and not get jailed

The golden sponsor of the family of judge Khakhaleva Vahan Harutyunyan corrupted Kuban officials and judges


Will Igor Shuvalov compete with Katya Tikhonova?

The head of VEB is leaving, having made himself a “pot” of state billions


Kostin-Asker-Zadeh: Love worth billions

State Bank VTB suffered a record loss in 2022


The downside of the Semenikhins' collectors

How the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Monaco withdraws assets and abandons antique dealers


Roscosmos figured out how to “cut” 800 billion rubles

The result will be the absence of a working Russian satellite constellation


Apartment bribes for the head of the Ministry of Finance, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

How Abramovich's partner, ex-senator Efim Malkin, distributes bribes


We sat down wrong: from the “cock house” to the best places

How the assistant to the chairman of the RF Armed Forces worked for fundamentalists


MTS turned out to be naked

How the operator and AFK Sistema blamed their scandalous party on the stars


Putin’s “partner” in hockey and a double scam

The money was brought in cash and given in bags right in the stadium director’s office


How prosecutors were sent to cross potatoes

The State Sorting Commission was put in charge of laymen from the Prosecutor General's Office


Cottage for General Patapeni in Gorki-2

What has the deputy head of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs managed to earn during his 10 years in office?


"The habits of the oligarch are unchanged"

Usmanov admitted that by his exciting, the Kremlin recognizes a foreigner anyone


The head of the police department was shot in the stomach

Murders are passed off as accidents


"Kalimatov's glasses"

Ingushetia is ruled with the help of dark fortune tellers and witches


How to go from being a suspect to an “unidentified person”

Secrets from Daria Ushakova's lover Gennady Udunyan


The scam of the century from Governor Artamonov

The head of the region “sent” a clinical hospital to pump up his “pot”


A thief should sit in jail?

Maxim Reshetnikov denies his role in organizing the thefts


Disgraced security forces gathered in GLONASS

They were called there by the son of a general of the FSB of the Russian Federation and an ex-top manager of RUSNANO


Capitalgate - 2

Hunting fun of Pavel Tyo and his friends - VIPs


Places on the “black register” have been prepared for the Minister of Education

Sergei Kravtsov is looking for ways to get an appointment with Putin


“The boy’s word. That’s not what we’re doing.”

What scenes are re-shot by the authors of the famous series?


Will Alisher Usmanov's Chagall painting be given to deceived mountain women?

A State Duma deputy from Chemezov’s team joined the defense of the Kremlin oligarch


Sobyanin “wrote off” IT specialists as wipers

There is no one to clean Moscow streets


How bribes are taken in the Supreme Court

FedorovLeaks: Secret archive of corruption of the adviser to the chairman of the RF Armed Forces


The first Russian judge-prosecutor

Strange nuances of the career of the son of the head of the VKKS of the Russian Federation


To court from organized crime group

A child of the “Dragon” without education wants to become the head of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tatarstan


How the Artamonovs make money from state healthcare and hide their ends in the water

The scheme is unprofitable for the budget, but pleasant for the governor’s wallet


Forensic crime novel

Supreme Court judge lived with wanted leader of organized crime group


Volikov and Sviridenko - the tail wags the dog

“Now the title “pocket” has passed to Sviridenko”


The brainchild of the king of state orders in Moscow throws everyone away

Children of Alexander Kosovan became hereditary holders of budget capital