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How a witness was made from a bloody killer

In the "Don't wake" gang, the investigation has favorites


FSB "flooded" the Ministry of Emergency Situations

How the Chekists "smeared" the corrupt general and imprisoned the whistleblower


Going to die...

Soledar: “First, they are shown executions on video, then they see real examples”


"Watch and enjoy the massacre"

How the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow, Baranov, imprisoned the team of the “Police Ombudsman”


How Power War 2022 Started

The son of the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in a pre-trial detention center, security officers and their sponsor are in the UAE


Moscow City Court: inconvenient - dismissal, honor to a criminal

Deputy chairman Ishmuratova and her dear friend with a lot of convictions


The rowdy prosecutor turned out to have a criminal record

The police admitted that the boss instructed them to kidnap the businessman


“Threatens to send political officers to the NVO zone”

How the "Red Star" distributes awards to its own and "drowns" strangers


"Skinning - for killing commanders"

PMC "Wagner" does not even have the concept of "too big losses"


Как Александр Кликушин разменял должность на земельный надел

How Alexander Klikushin exchanged his position for a land allotment


How the bribe case was exchanged for a place in Kherson

When will the "heroic" path of Kondratiev's pet end?


“I was lying on the street with a catheter in my hand”

Doctors throw unconscious patient out of hospital


How the billions of "Putin's elite" are divided

The oligarch fled to London, changed his name and died under strange circumstances


The protagonist of the case of a bribe for the generals ended up in jail

Ex-lover Daria Glushakova testifies against him


Profitable daughter-in-law of Alexei Nemeryuk

How the family of a major official of the Moscow City Hall makes money on the extraction of rocking chairs


"Luchok Effect"

Judges, security officials, deputy ministers under the control of the leader of the Podolsk organized criminal group


The fighter goes to ram residential buildings

How United Russia surrounds a military airfield with high-rise buildings


Tax queen on a Mercedes-Benz

Will a competitor be fired to the gold-bearing head of the UGIBDD of Stavropol Safonov


Will Alisher Usmanov's main asset be taken away?

The oligarch robbed the miners. It's time to answer.


The new main seller of "shaggy gold"

How Uragan turned VIPs into an escort whirlwind


Lawyer-decided on the defense of Mickey Mouse

How is the beating of a top manager of Gazprom-Neft and poisoned bars connected?


World champions, homeless police and FSB games

Unknown and secret details of the Russian World Cup


Parties of billionaire Bokarev for Chemezov and Dyumin

Kremlin billionaire entertains officials and generals


Deadly Cadillac for a participant in the massacre on Rochdelskaya

Why is there a "path" of corpses following FSB agent Budantsev?


Notary mafia

Husbands in the State Duma and in judges, wives in notary offices, "black realtors" at large


From Cheka to PMC: Will we build a new world?

Monument to "Iron Felix" opened by veterans of the KGB and "veterans" of the Russian Orthodox Church


Kuban argument

Gangster execution of a farmer was issued as self-defense


Tambov tax organized criminal group in the service of a fugitive oligarch

Under the "wing" of the Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia Shepelev Yu.V.