I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

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Rashnikov Viktor Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Magnitogorsk...

Pensioners have accused him of fraud

Kamenschik Dmitry Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Line

He “grew up” on the money of Uralmash Organized Crime Group

Artyakov Vladimir Governor of Samara Region

In private he introduces himself as Lieutenant-General of the GRU

Volkov Alexander President of Udmurtia

Allegedly involved in corruption, embezzlement of state funds and protecting illegal arms production

Chemezov Sergey CEO of Russian Technologies State Corporation

He made friends with Putin when working in Dresden

Finogenov Igor Board Chairman of the Eurasian Development Bank

He gave money to Chechnya

Fedorov Aleksey President of Irkut Corporation

He blew the contract with Jordan

Tetyukhin Vladislav Shareholder and board member of VSMPA-AVISMA

He has been compared to Stalin

Ivanov Victor Director of the Federal Service for Drug Control of the...

Kremlin Borman

Kogogin Sergey General Director of OJSC "KAMAZ" from 26 April 2002.

In the ranking of the top leaders - 2010 of "Kommersant" newspaper he took the I place in the category "Machinery".

Ignatova Ekaterina A Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of JSCB "International ...

Detail: Ignatova holds a 70% stake in "Kate" Company, which supplies to the "AvtoVAZ" (part of "Russian Technologies") automatic gear boxes for the...

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The oligarch's guard handed over all the recipients of bribes from the chief

Private jets to Maldives for Sberbank Deputy Chairman Stanislav Kuznetsov


"The best investigator" turned out to be a sadist

"I strangled and beat my head on the floor"


Кто «крышует» нелегальных поставщиков для Роскомоса?

Chinese parts are supplied through the mediation of "Syrian insurgents" and representatives of "Rostec" For the aerospace industry of the Russian Federation?


Chemezov "crushes" "Angstrom"?

"Rostec" bankrupt "Angstrom" to raider attacks a rival plant?