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Fridman Mikhail Chairman of the supervisory Board of

Suspected of drug dealing

Khan Herman Executive director of TNK-BP

Always in the centre of scandal

Vekselberg Viktor Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the group «Renova»

He started with buying cables

Kuzmichev Alexey Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Alfa-Group»

He is associated with raid captures

Aven Petr President of

Even business partners have little liking to him

Bogdanov Vladimir General Director of OAO "Surgutneftegaz"

His staff has urinated in the workplace

Blavatnik Leonard (Leonid) Councilor of directors of

He was in the center of the largest oil scandals

Bogdanchikov Sergey President of OAO NK

He obtained Yukos assets

Khochinskiy Alexander The owner of the “Bogema

People died after dealing with him

Navalny Alexey Position: Coordinator of "minority of the Union", a...

His actions look like a promotional event

Gridin Vladimir President of Siberioun Entrepreneur's Union holding

His was caught in contracts with offshore of his son

Mazepin Dmirty Chairman of the Board of Directors of the joined chemical...

He was withdrawing “Gazprom” assets

Vardanyan Ruben The co-owner of «Troika Dialog»

He is able to be on friendly terms with the authorities

Artemyev Igor Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service

His department took the lead in corruption

Zhirinovsky Vladimir Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

He urged Russians to "wash their boots in the Indian Ocean"

Zyuganov Gennady Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of ...

Nicknamed: a Zyug-zag who had no-luck

Kokh Alfred Editor of Medved magazine

Pinochet presented him with a briefcase

Lebedev Leonid Owner Of Sintez Group

He swithed from vinyls to oil wells

Nekrich Mikail Co-Owner Of Hermitage Resources

He armed Chechen rebels

Sobyanin Sergey Moscow Mayor

He was called the most reserved of the Russian politicians

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Stigma is where to put the

As head of the Assay Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Markin Russia develops gold


Corruption scandal in TNK-BP

German Khan accused of bribery


BP dumped Skolkovo

BP pulled out of Viktor Vekselberg’s hi-tech project at the last moment


Tyumen court stops seizures in BP Moscow office

The ruling came a day after David Cameron arrived to Russia with a visit


BP went on the offensive

Viktor Vekselberg is accused of violating the shareholder agreement


London will arbitrate TNK and BP

AAR challenged the deal on the strategic partnership of BP and Rosneft


Construction in Sochi is going to be renovated

Olympic project by Telman Ismailov goes to Viktor Vekselberg


Antiquary with criminal past

FLB: Ex-Moscow art dealer, now USA resident Alexander Khochinskiy demands for more than $400000 from Oleg Muzyrya , the head of Magriko agrarian holding.


ARREST THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Co-owner of Alfa-Bank became a victim of his own ambitions

Co-owner of Alfa-Bank, Mikhail Fridman became a victim of his own ambitions: he came into conflict with Oleg Deripaska and Leonid Reiman, and almost ended up behind the bars.



Discovering the elite St. Petersburg real estate seems to have ended with decent loss for the State Duma deputy Vladimir Golovnev.


Oilmen will be scored a free kick

The courts took the side of the TNK-BP too easily in a dispute with the anti-monopoly agencies, and made a lot of mistakes by doing so. This is a conclusion of the the panel of judges of the Supreme Arbitration Court (SAC), thus the chances of FAS to punish oil companies for 26.1 billion rubles are getting higher