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Arbat-Prestige does not smell wrong

Criminal proceedings against Vladimir Nekrasov and Sergey Shnaider has been terminated


Yuri Chaika dismisses officers

Moscow region prosecutors in for an investigation


Lev Khasis seeks control over hypermarket chain

Former CEO of X5 intends to acquire half of Lenta


Sergey Polonskiy attempts to brush up the business

Founder of Mirax Group is selling land in Khimki area


Sechin abided by Medvedev’s order to leave Rosneft

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin followed President Dmitry Medvedev’s order for deputy ministers and ministers to give up their membership in boards of directors of state companies.


RAIDER-PHILANTHROPIST. As for those who introduced him to the world of big money

they are Lyudmila Narusova and Roman Tsepov


Russia delivers up a don to see Yukos CEO back home

Russia wants to have Antonio Valdes-Garcia (head of a firm affiliated with Yukos) extradited from Spain over a period of investigation in exchange for criminal don Tariel Oniani (Taro).


Raider case pinned on a criminal don

In Tverskoy district court in Moscow a prominent businessman Sergey Mikhailov was summoned to be a witness during case hearings against Dmitry Baranovsky.


Borodin replies from London to Kostin’s statement in Moscow

Investigators has for the first time since the beginning of conflict between the Bank of Moscow’s shareholders decided to find out top-managers’ whereabouts.


Mirax miles away from Kutuzovskaya Mile

Mirax Group, the developer and construction company headed by Sergey Polonsky, has been dispossessed of Kutuzovskaya Mile residential quarter.


Khodorkovsky’s millions cropped up in an Irish bank

A total of 65 million euro was frozen after an attempt to transfer the money to an off-shore account.


Criminal kingpin extradited to Spain

Tariel Oniani is extradited for the time being to answer questions about Russian mafia.


Borodin is asked to step aside

The investigative department of Moscow police asked court to suspend Mr Andrey Borodin from the post of the Bank of Moscow chairman, but their petition has been declined.


AFI Development becomes cautious

AFI Development plc (chairman Lev Levayev) has excluded the Kuntsevo business area project from its portfolio.


Arbitration court to examine Rosneft's appeal against Navalny

The ninth Moscow arbitration court will resume hearings of the appeal by NK Rosneft plc against a lower court's ruling ordering the company to provide Aleksey Navalny, a minority shareholder, with the proceedings of the board of directors.


Baturina proposes to sell her cement assets

Elena Baturina’s firm “Inteco” has prepared a commercial proposal to sell two cement works:. The initial price is $ 400 million.


VTB representative voted off the board of Bank of Moscow

An in-house conflict with minority shareholders has brought out over the bank’s acquisition by VTB


Water to be cut off Petrik

Viktor Petrik has used unscientific means to get himself more acquainted with the research of a laboratory in St Petersburg.


Nikolay Maksimov’s 2 billion debt

Maxi-group founder suspected of fraud


Russia’s Investigative Committee brings new charges against Ivan Nazarov

Main investigative directorate of Russia’s Investigative Committee in Moscow Region initiated another criminal case against alleged organiser of illegal gambling ring Ivan Nazarov. This time the proceedings were instituted over “attempted fraud”.


Head of Russia’s youth agency was once gangsters’ employee

Head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Vasily Yakimenko was linked to members of mafia group, according to the investigation held by the prosecutor’s office, Ilya Yashin, an opposition leader, who initiated the checkout, writes on his blog, publishing the scans of inquiry papers.


Prokhorov buys ?25 m island

Russian oligarch who gained notoriety after his arrest in Courchevel has bought beautiful North Island in the Seychelles archipelago.


Kyrgyz court found US citizen guilty of corruption

Mr Yevgeny Gurevich, a businessman close to the toppled Kyrgyz leader Kurmanbek Bakiev, has been found guilty of corruption by a district court of the capital, Bishkek. Mr Gurevich was sentenced to 15 year imprisonment, the term he is unlikely to serve as he lives abroad.


Yegiazaryan brags false charity projects

Former banker and LDPR deputy in the State Duma Mr Ashot Yegiazaryan who is now living in the USA claims he is a victim of Putin's regime and hopes to obtain political refugee status, which will save him from extradition. Recently created web-site advertises Yegiazaryan as «an individual committed to social responsibility, social action and philanthropy». Launched by an American PR-agency the site promotes positive image of a reputable businessman, blameless politician and charity worker.


State protection denied for prosecutors

Investigators decided not to provide state protection to Moscow region prosecutor Mr Alexander Mokhov and his deputy Mr Alexander Ignatenko. Their names turned up during the investigation of the case concerning a number of law-enforcement officials who hushed up an illegal gambling ring in Moscow region.


Polonsky’s copyright violation exposed

Moscow’s militia (GUVD) has received a written request, asking to open criminal case against Mirax Group founder Mr Sergey Polonsky.


Russia will not swap Bout

Russia’s Foreign Ministry denies any plans to exchange an American spy for Russian arms-dealer Mr Viktor Bout who is facing charges of conspiring to sell weapons and kill the US citizens before the court in the USA.