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Tales from the "Rostec"

Chairman of the Board of Directors' Roselectronika "Igor Kozlov told about" prospects "of the company, a member of the" Rostec ". Despite huge subsidies, "Roselectronika" boasts the only "reader" without the Internet and unfinished ticket booking site. The company is in deep crisis.


Return to Leadership: how to build in-law Sergey Lavrov's largest pharmaceutical business

Президент инвесткомпании А1 Александр Винокуров стал контролирующим акционером компании «СИА Интернейшнл», одного из лидеров в дистрибуции лекарств в России. Он планирует вернуть ей утраченное первенство на рынке Вернуть лидерство


Prolonged "trip" in Monaco

Which seemed finally disclosed the case of the murder of General Director of JSC "Neftekhimik" Eugene Panteleimon can be resumed.


Magazines and exhibitions at Russian Railways, the yacht in Britain

Assets family Yakunin veiled Cypriot offshore


The most intrepid of the Ministry of Finance

Head of Department Alexander Ahpolov acquired real estate for $ 5 million and established finpotoki for friends - Opposition sponsors


Nuances Michael marriage

The wife of the founder of the agency "Mikhailov & Partners" looks at the men and the West.


Under the "roof" of "Gazprom"

The gas monopoly has formed leadership "mafia" in the name of Kirill Seleznev and Raul Arashukova?


FSSP in a "half-step", or when the leaves Parfenchikov?

Following the resignation of the head of the Federal Bailiff Service for Zabaikal region Oleg Plyaskina office may lose the head of the Federal Bailiff Service Artur Parfenchikov?


"Rubik's Cube" Rosselkhozbank

Under the "roof" Rosselkhozbank organized financial "laundry"?


"Blood" under the "roof" Kulbachevsky

Shot manual "Mont Company" long time "to lure" the head of the Moscow Department of Natural Resources?


Operation "anti Shoigu"

Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov cleaned the hands of investigators chief henchmen, but he was "at work"


Sobyanin sum "under the heading"?

Arrested head of "IBC Group" Sergei Solodovnikov worked "under the roof" the mayor of Moscow?


Where "funneling" billions of "openness"?

For the "outflow" 220 billion rubles. the bank "Opening" can stand the withdrawal of assets?


On happy coincidence

Hinstein Tkachev asked to talk about the business of their relatives


Hinstein Tkachev asked to talk about the business of their relatives

State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein asked the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev report of a possible conflict of interest that may be linked to his family's agricultural business


Mazepin "under nitrogen"?

The failure of the deal on the change of ownership "Togliattiazot" was involved host "URALCHEM"?


Mazepin plays against Russia

Owner "URALCHEM" trying to avoid prosecution, has teamed up with the enemies of Putin


Crimean-scam Chemezov Serdyukov

Sevastopol thieves robbed the workers of "Rostec"


Moldavian transit: as "Solntsevo" and "Podolsk" "sawing" Russia

The arrested banker Alexander Grigoriev - just the tip of the iceberg of a huge crime, and the scheme, which has already been named "Moldovan", successfully operating for decades.


Crime tailor Taymuraz Bolloev. Part 2

Relations Mr. Bolloev provided him with a comfortable life: at least 3 years his company has received 646 orders of government. "Criminal Russia" continues a series of articles supporting the inefficient use of budget funds, as well as the presence of criminal schemes embezzlement of budget by the management of JSC "BTK groups", and in particular Mr. Bolloev.


Crime tailor Taymuraz Bolloev. Part 1

In 2014, "BFC groups", whose owner is Taymuraz Bolloev, was selected as the sole supplier of clothing equipment for the Armed Forces. "Criminal Russia" begins a series of articles supporting the inefficient use of budget funds, as well as the presence of criminal schemes embezzlement of budget by the management of JSC "BTK groups", and in particular Mr. Bolloev.


In the suburban headquarters ONF considered excessive government spending in the region thousands of rental cars for officials

Activists regional branch of the Popular Front in Moscow called wasteful administrative office of the governor of the Moscow region and the governments of the region more than 1.77 billion rubles. rental of almost 1 thousand. cars, write "News". At the same time similar expenses of the regional authorities in 2015 suggest that the officials are not going to save on avtoobsluzhivanii.


Katsyv left without a "roof"?

Vice President of Russian Railways Katsyv Peter could lose his job and get under investigation?


Amber Gold of Russia

Amber for a long time could become a brand in Russia. Do not become. Despite the fact that global stocks were thought to 2000s, they are mainly here, in the village of Amber Kaliningrad region. Today the share of reserves of amber in Russia has dropped to 50-60 per cent. Due to the discovery of new deposits in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, America, Italy, Colombia. Exploration and extraction of amber in other countries is carried out monstrous rate. The process is stimulated by the increased demand. A large fraction of "solar stone" at a price equal to that of gold. For example, for perfectly carved amber ball with a diameter of 50 mm in China can give 15 thousand dollars.


Favorite destinations Vyacheslav Lysakova

© "Vek", 10.19.2015, Favorite destinations deputy Lysakova, Photo: "Kommersant"


Killer roommate Tina Kandelaki

Scraping the Internet by compromising Chemezov has led to an international scandal


The journalist avenged Governor

In the case of the attack on Oleg Kashin came three accused.


Joint-stock scam Vadim Kiselev

"Organizer" theft of securities 5 billion rubles. prolonged detention, "customer" of the "Energostrima" Simonov hiding abroad


Drink less need!

The head of GSU SK Mos Brand and his deputy Doynikov "wet" the deputy of the State Duma Antonova, escaping from criminal proceedings and dismissal


For Cartier found the criminal community

Basmanny Court on September 30 arrested the owner of the St. Petersburg boutiques Cartier and Stefano Ricci Dmitry Zarubin. Russian FSB took him to the capital, as a person from the TOP-5 world of smugglers.