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"Federation" disown the signature of the founder

In fighter for copyright Vladimir Kiselyov stolen authorship concept


Chechen attack aircraft family Yasinovyh

A new twist in the case of the attempt on Mikhail Barshchevsky daughter.


"Revenge" "Fosagro"?

Conflict of former top manager "Fosagro" Igor Sychev with the company suddenly turned searches in his apartment.


A new round in the case of raider attacks GC "TsentrObuv". What will get the creditors?

The results of the control purchases in store "TsentrObuv" became proof of asset stripping companies raider Vladimir Palikhata and "recruited" them to the top management with the use of a front company.


Chemezov "crushes" "Angstrom"?

"Rostec" bankrupt "Angstrom" to raider attacks a rival plant?


Flotilla Bedzhamova: Forbes found the yacht Vneshprombank shareholder

One of the boats fled to Monaco President of the Federation of Bobsleigh Russia could cost him $ 73 million


Galchev "head over heels" in the "cement"?

Once on the brink of ruin, the owner of the holding "Eurocement Group" inflates the price?


Dubrovsky on "Sinai"?

'Passion' business results in the Chelyabinsk region in the resignation of the governor?


Save the "skin" of Warsaw?

The owner of the group "Estar" "kicks" the debts for fear of financial ruin your business?


Spain through Interpol began to "hunt" for the MP Resnick

Representatives of the Spanish Themis claim that the MP was a member of a criminal gang.


The prosecutor's office "selected" to Abyzov?

Minister of "open government" Michael Abizov can become involved in the case?


"Pyrrhic victory" Kirill Seleznev?

Proceedings between the "daughter" of "Gazprom" and the leadership of Bashkortostan on the resorts' Sanatorium Krasnousolsk "can" reveal "corruption in the environment chapter" Mezhregiongas "Kirill Seleznev.


Ex-wife ran away with Baskov from fascist Kiev children in Tel Aviv

Svetlana Spiegel had divorced and with her second husband, who was Bandera and bisexual


Donations were in the "pocket" Ostrowski?

Illegal donations to the Liberal Democratic Party of 7 million rubles from the head of "Smolensky Bank" Paul Shitov could be assigned to the Governor Alexei Ostrovsky?


Tashkent oligarch Usmanov bid farewell to the hated Russian

The billionaire may lose tax resident status


Igor and Arkady Rotenberg - from racketeering and secret convictions to billions

How to go from victim to killer Russian master.


Unhappy business jet, or How to return a lot of money

Employees of "Novaya Gazeta" were parallel and several other investigative journalism (the strange "Kazakh transactions" on trade and gas condensate, and about the circumstances of the murder of Boris Nemtsov), the fate of the characters who suddenly crossed at one point - on the runway at the airport of business aviation "Vnukovo- 3. " One of them, coincidentally, turned Kirill Seleznev.


Condensate billion

Where deposited money losing company "Gazprom", and who ransomed them from Chechen security forces


Yakunin, "rode" on the BAM?

The cost of construction of BAM and Transsib was increased by 45% (8,5 bln.) In the interests of the contractors, close to the former head of Russian Railways?


Gennady Onishchenko - "Godfather phaser" Pirates of the pharmaceutical RIA Panda?

Gennady Onishchenko, has received strong slap in the face - Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev reprimanded his assistant. It is stated that he had violated Article 18 of the Law on the State Civil Service Law, which, among other things, prohibits state employees to take actions "related to the effect of any personal or property (financial) and other interests that impede the conscientious performance of official duties."


Adult business Jr. Chubais

The son of the chief technologist crossed ATVs with dog teamsThe eldest son Alexei Chubais Anatoly Chubais with his partner Larisa Selezneva in 2015, helped out by organizing events for automotive manufacturers 100 million rubles.


Sergey Yanchukov from Odessa Privoz to oil tycoon and gold miner

Heavy and arhiopasna life of the Ukrainian-Russian oligarch.


"Killer", deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Vasily Pozdyshev banks care about their life on "how" the light

Most recently, on religious TV Union (tv-soyuz.ru) passed a report on the construction of the new church and the baptismal font in the remote northern village Pozdyshev.


FSSP in a "half-step", or when the leaves Parfenchikov?

Following the resignation of the head of the Federal Bailiff Service for Zabaikal region Oleg Plyaskina office may lose the head of the Federal Bailiff Service Artur Parfenchikov?


"Gazprom", "sells" dreams Kirill Seleznev

Top-manager of monopoly pumps billions through the "investment" schemes of his half-brother Ivan Mironov


Galchev with the "Governor's cover"?

In "Eurocement Group" companies is a massive reduction, and the owner of this company Filaret Galchev suspected of bribing Russian governors?


London's High Court is going to sort out the "raider seizure" Valentina Matvienko, St. Petersburg businessman business

Vitaly Arkhangelsky, accused at home of fraud and legalization of criminal funds, filed a counterclaim abroad.


Secret defense of Victor Bondyk

The controversial demarche of Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius and the accusations that he brought against then first deputy head of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Igor Kononenko, of lobbying those "overlooking" most profitable state-owned companies exposed a moth-eaten problems.


"Spirtzakaz" for the governor Yastrebova?

In the Yaroslavl region Rosalkogolregulirovanie unexpectedly withdrew the license of the distillery YALVZ. Market participants say that the company is "captured" in the interests of the family of Sergei Yastrebova governor.


Secrets of criminal activity oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev

The most successful Russian businessman can not find refuge abroad.