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Governor Tsukanov "decimated" by works

The head of the Kaliningrad region is plagued by corruption?


"Panama Archive" opened spouse Glyuk'oZy scheme for illegal withdrawal of funds

Reporters learned that Alexander Chistyakov Gone through offshore 100 million euros, which he took Elena Baturina on business.


Financial Patriarch Kirill

The head of Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev invests himself?


Sale of Budargin

Chapter "Rosset" Oleg Budargin "wasting" energy retail assets?


Metallurgical Plant property has gone through an offshore deal

Completed the investigation of cases of embezzlement of 1.4 billion rubles from LLC "TekhInvestStrojj", which belonged to the Iron Works as well. According to the investigators, the two co-owners of an offshore company Katton Ltd Alexander Rubtsov and Olga Evstafieva with the complicity of the lawyer Dmitry Krasikov illegally sold shares Cyprus company, the founder of "TekhInvestStrojj", another firm, thereby causing damage to his former partner Dmitry Ivaschenko 1.4 billion. according to the defendants in the case, to prosecute them involved in the ex-head of the State Ministry of Interior in the Central Federal District Sergey Derevianko.


Pichugin drop by drop squeeze Bondarchuk of "Giant Park"

The general director of "Lenfilm" filed for a business partner to court


"Colored" Colonel Kovalenko weekdays

18+ About him say that he is engaged in "scams" to steal a car, it has dual citizenship, about his alleged sexual orientation gossip spiteful critics. Do you think we are talking about some migrant workers? No. It is head of the Moscow traffic police Victor Kovalenko.


The deputy Remezkova more suitable LDPR

Deputy Chairman of the Committee under the criminal legislation of the "United Russia" Alexander Remezkov will balatirovatsya LDPR?


"Lukoil" Lolita. Photo minor harem oil oligarchs

Managing director Vagit Alekperov, 16-year-old lover and a group of concubines models


"The housing issue," Alisher Usmanov

As an oligarch will divide the elite real estate at the Sparrow Hills with German Gref?


"Mu-mu" Sergei Mironov

Against spravedlivorosa Sergei Gerasimov prosecuted. He handed over his party's offices on the double tariff, on which seriously bummed.


According to the "Ural gems" has been a full "Siyenko"

On how not quite "sane" state company head Oleg Siyenko bring defense industry to "comatose" state


Artem "The Mole" Zuyev entrenched in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

"Correct," the criminal investigation №315880 cost raiders group Zoe "funerals" Galeeva 500 thousand dollars?


Gregory Naginsky, "Titan-2" and the risk of a new Chernobyl in Finland

More concern is the activity of the company "Titan-2", which is soon going to build a new nuclear power plant in Finland "Hanhikivi-1." At the time of their cooperation continues, but in the Finnish and Russian media, a host of publications, expressed doubts as to the integrity of this company, mainly due to the incredible number of scandals identity manager "Second Titan" Gregory Naginsky


Where does the money the family Hawtin

Like many other businesses, they built their empire on credit money


"Intarsia" kicked out of the market

The company "Intarsia", affiliated with Victor Smirnov, became bankrupt. Now can reveal gospodryadam scheme, which could engage the former manager of President Vladimir Kozhin.


Sale of Kirov?

Leningrad Federation of Trade Unions is selling the famous Palace of Culture. Kirov scandalous businessman Stanislav Bushneva.


Sting with "Dagestan shade"?

Krasnodar authorities uncovered a scam Alexander Shakirov and Rizvan Isayev?


Putin sacked General Murov as director of the Federal Security Service

President Vladimir Putin dismissed Yevgeny Murov as director of the Federal Security Service, was replaced by the head of the presidential guard Dmitri Kochnev. Murowa resignation may be linked to the "Ministry of Culture thing," says the source of RBC


Town-planning corruption Grigorieva?

The richest family bureaucratic Petersburg became the chairman of the couple KGA Vladimir Grigoriev.


Smolny clears the "Jubilee" at Rotenberg

Management Company Palace of Sports "Jubilee", close to Arkady Rotenberg, proposed the creation around the complex "sports and cultural core." Smolny has already begun clearing the surrounding area.


"Rusagro" walks ahead

"Rusagro" Vadim Moshkovich received income from the captured "Razgulyai"?


Property mystery Medina and Manturova

What is hidden in the Ministerial Declaration


Criminal brothers Browder

US help to investigate the case of Dirk, Robert and Daniel Ziff


Previous Entry Share Next Entry Нефтепроводы и вилла «Carolina»

There are state-owned companies that pump oil.


As "TsentrObuv" survived two crises and unable to cope with the raiders

Vladimir Palikhata penetrated "TsentrObuv", one might say, by the classics of the genre raider, dressed in an expensive suit generous investor willing to invest in the improvement of the order of 4 billion. Rubles.


Dubrovsky went to the "Highway"?

Governor of Chelyabinsk region suspected of organizing an attack on a "business partner"?


"Mischief" Vice Mayor Husnullina?

Deputy Sergei Sobyanin accused of extortion.


"All were celebrating the victory, and at this time we have changed the Champions urine"

The former head of RUSADA accused Russian Sochi Champions of doping


"Rollback" in friendship?

Ivanovo Region Governor Pavel Konkova suspected of trying to get a rollback of the arrested Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kulikov?